Pressuring her won’t put a ring on her finger

Written by: Winnie Khosa

In the 21st century marriage is not valued as it was in decades. Many ladies in our society grow until they age without any guy asking their hands in marriage and this leads to their parents keep on pressuring their daughters to get married.

Yes, it is every parents dream to see their daughter get married, but not all dreams come true. Ladies don’t just wake up and find husbands, nowadays it very difficult to find a guy whose family orientated because majority of them want to be in relationships, have a kid; when it comes to marriage they say that they are not ready.

Marriage doesn’t depend on whether the lady is ready to be a wife, but it mostly depend on whether the guy is ready to become a husband. The lady can be ready, but she cannot marry herself she needs to be asked for a hand in marriage by the person she’s in a relationship with. When the sun goes down at night and up in the morning one parent will ask a daughter this question, “when are you getting married? You should leave the house so that the younger ones can get a room”.

Parents always ask such questions without noticing that they are hurting the feeling of their daughters. No lady wants to be alone for the rest of her life, but God doesn’t bless us all the same. Don’t blame yourself and think that there’s something wrong with you because your friends, family, people your age and your former schoolmates are getting married and you not; just remember that it is not your time yet.

As it is said that good things comes to those who wait, you should keep in mind that a perfect person for you will come at the right time. Yes, you might be getting old and people making fun of you in the society; don’t lose hope because it might happen that now you are in a wrong relationship or you are with the wrong person but once you meet the perfect one for you, marriage will come your way.

Parents should stop pressuring their daughters to get married, because marriage doesn’t depend on one person but it takes two people to make it happen and at the right time.


A lifelong connection born from temporary lust

Written by Winnie Khosa

Many babies that are born these days, suffer because their parents took wrong decision during a relationship that is built on lust, without looking at the long term consequences.

A relationship that is built on lust have many consequences and doesn’t last forever; it is just a temporary thing. Yes, it might be temporary but the fun that people tend to have, makes them to forget about the future. When the fun have been had and there’s nothing interesting left in the relationship, the lust begin to fade away and the relationship between the two individuals comes to an end; while there’s a baby involved.

The innocent suffer when parents go their separate ways. A child that is raised by a single parents suffer than the one who is raised by both parents. As parents separate, they will begin to find new loves, get married and have kids. The kid that is born from temporary lust will always feel like he/she doesn’t belong, because her/his mother or father have a new family and her/him is not treated the same as the other kids.

Broken homes seems to be the norm nowadays. Couples will date for a year, get married and have kids after a few years, they realise that marrying each other was the biggest mistake of their lives. If there’s no peace and happiness at a home, divorce has become the new solution nowadays. Homes are broken daily and the innocent are left with confusion, tears and broken hearts; which might make them to have too much anger inside of them.

When parents separate the young ones suffer the most. Who could have imagine that getting a child out of temporary lust bring sadness to the innocent baby?

Is the world coming to an end?

Written By: Winnie Khosa


In the world full of beautiful creatures, we see things that were written in the bible about how the world will come to an end. When the sun goes up in the morning and down at night, people do evil things, including pastors.


Some pastors, who are supposed to spread the word of God and save people from doing evil things, are the ones who do the most horrible things to the people of this world. These people, whom are trusted worldwide by everyone, are now misusing their power as they persuade people do things that they never did before by using the name of God.
They now make people drink things like petrol, paraffin, and many others that are objects to the women’s body. People drink what the pastors tell them to do with the hope of getting help, only to find out that they only get worse.


Making people to drink what they are not supposed to drink is not the only thing, they go as far as to make them eat things that are objects to their bodies. In churches nowadays, people are made to eat snakes, hair, grass and other unhealthy things.


Yes, now it is clear that the world might be coming to an end as it was written in the bible that “ For false Messiah’s and false prophets will rise up and perform great signs and wonders so as to deceive, if possible, even God’s chosen ones(Matthew 24:24). Pastors now make people pay a lot of money in order to receive the word of God.



The word of God has now become a business to many pastors as they use it to steal money from people who don’t even have it. People now pay thousands of rands just to see their pastors, and they also pay when they want prayers from them. Ordinary people who lead a normal life are now made to buy water, anointing oil including prayers in church, with the message that it will protect them from the evil spirit. People are now giving churches too much money.

Yes, people have to take 10% of their salary and give it to the church as it was done before, but nowadays people pay more than what they are supposed to do. Ntwanano Baloyi, a student at Open Learning Group said; “they usually tell us that the more we pay, the more we will receive.” Pastors always persuade people to give a tithe that’s above the usual offering, in order for them to receive huge blessing; that makes people to end up making loans as they are told that when you give less money to the church, God will also bless you less.

Some pastors are now using the word of God to persuade people and to make money; the world is really coming to an end. Brace yourselves as you don’t know when God will come to earth… but one thing I can assure you of; that time is looming.


South Africa a country that is quick at promoting rubbish

Written by: Winnie khosa


In our beautiful rainbow nation, artists have lost the quality of producing songs that have meaning, like they did before. In the olden days, we used to have dedicated musicians such as Brenda Fassie, Yvonne Chaka-Chaka, Merriam Makeba in the female front, while the likes of Stimela, Trompies, Mdu Masilela, Hugh Masekela blessed our ears in the male categories.


Those, as well as others of their time would go that extra mile just to deliver good music with lyrical content that was above par, just to grace our ears.


These days, however, all that has changed for the worst! All these artists care about is promoting rubbish music which doesn’t build the nation but rather break it into pieces.


In one of his popular poems, one great poet in the stature of Mzwakhe Mbuli once labelled our(South African) music as educational, inspirational, therapeutic and soul uplifting. Even a blind man can see that our music is no longer as inspiring and educational as it used to be. Money and fame have stolen the shine of what used to be the pride of our nation.


There are thousands of artists/ upcoming artists, who produce wonderful songs that can build thousands of communities, but their good songs are not promoted at all. Even if a person can create a song that has meaning and gives hope to the hopeless people; at the end of the day their good work is not appreciated or promoted by the people in the music industry, including the people in the communities of Mzansi.


Mzansi? A place where good music which comes with good lyrics takes years to be known or appreciated by the beautiful creatures in it, but songs that are not educational or do not add any value to an individual’s life, are promoted throughout the country within a split second.


Sister Bettina was one of those songs which were promoted throughout the country within a second. This song didn’t have any good message to it and contains too much profanity, but then it created a lifelong hype in a way that even a one year old kid knew about it. Even though everyone knew the song, they wouldn’t play it in public whereby there were older people and kids, because they knew that that song doesn’t carry any good message with it.


Each and every year songs are produced, but the good ones take years to trend while the rubbish music trend immediately after being produced.


Hogwash music, just like the latest song “Tholukuthi” which has suddenly became a national anthem of South Africa; while it doesn’t send any good message to the public, is promoted quickly throughout the county. If you can listen and read the lyrics of this song, you can see that it doesn’t even deserve to make it to a local radio station, actually it deserves to be banned… But why? Are we now losing the value of producing good music over rubbish?


It is really a shame, to see songs that don’t bring any good change to a person, get promoted fast while the message that it is sending to the public doesn’t not build, but rather break each and every community into pieces.


These days, if you’re a musician and not writing your music about money, fame, cars, expensive clothing and alcohol; you’re deemed irrelevant. Hence every artist deems it necessary to swear in every song, just to gain popularity…







Wake up!! Change is what South Africa need

Written by Winnie khosa

South Africa is a beautiful country that has been ruled by smart, strong and hardworking male presidents, since decades. Yes, all the former presidents and the current president Jacob Zuma, have done a wonderful job to this country, but then change is needed. Choosing a female president over a male will not do any harm to our beautiful country.


It about time we give Nkosazana Ndlamini Zuma the platform to show the country what she is capable of, rather than Choosing Cyril Ramaphosa. Wake up!! Wake up!! South Africans, a female president is what we currently need. As we can see the “Embokodos’” of South Africa, can go to work, look after their kids and do house chores and be able to keep everything under control without the support of a male by their side; this shows that running a country won’t be too much work for them.


No matter how heavy the work load may be on the shoulders, they always find ways to overpower the work. “I think that it’s a good idea to have a female president in RSA, because it will show that males are not the only ones who have the power to rule the country”, Said Kulani Malungana a student at Rosebank College. Giving a female the opportunity to rule the country, it will help to change the mind set of people who have negative attitude towards the idea of having a female president.


People have the mind-set that a female is not strong enough to run the country as they are too emotional, but the question is, how can an emotional person be able to manage a family? As long as you are a human being and not an animal, you will be emotional at some point. “Most people are stereotyped about woman running the country, I think it’s time to give them the opportunity to run the country”, Said Ntwanano Baloyi a student at Open learning Group.


We have seen male presidents run the country, but it’s about time we give a female president the opportunity to show the country what she can bring on the table. Change won’t hurt anyone!!



The cruelness of the entertainment industry

Written by Winnie Khosa


South Africa a so called rainbow nation, many ordinary people who don’t know anyone from high places or don’t have a lot of followers on social media are not given an opportunity to show off / case their talents in the entertainment industry.

The industry doesn’t recognise the talents of the ordinary people who are committed, perseverance and hard working. In entertainment it’s not easy to break in, in order for a person to make it they need plenty of confidence to develop their skills, experience and contacts, and should be willing to work from the bottom up. Even though the ordinary people have all the requirements, they are still not given the opportunity to show the whole country what God has given them. People who have friends, relatives and family members in the industry, don’t struggle to enter the industry; they get everything easily; while others struggle a lot for years.

The entertainment industry is cruel that it denies people the opportunity to enter into the media, even if a person has a lot of confidence and can present well, just because they are not well known they can’t become TV or radio presenters. Those people who usually get hired are the people who are either famous or know someone who works in the media. The procedures that are supposed to be followed are neglected by the people in power positions and they end up hiring people who know someone or famous people on social media.
People can be famous on social media, but that doesn’t guarantee them that they will get signed off by record labels when they want to become singers.


In order for a person to become a singer they should know someone somewhere or even pay a lot of money just to get their songs out there. Many people drop their CDs in a lot of places, but still they are not called because they are not well known to the public. Usually they make posts available while they know that they already have their people.

Usually auditions are created whereby they invite anyone who is interested in acting to audition, while they already have people for those characters that are needed. One or two ordinary people will go through but majority of the people will go back home with broken hearts. They always choose experienced actors who are already acting in different sopies, drama and movies; and reject ordinary fresh and new actors from school.

The entertainment industry should treat everyone fair and end nepotism. Everyone who has a talent should be given the opportunity to showcase the country what they have and can do. We are all human being, have dreams and we deserve to be treated equally.

Education doesn’t guarantee your success

Being educated doesn’t mean that you will be successful

Written by: Winnie Khosa

In this beautiful world of ours, being educated doesn’t mean that your future will be perfect. You can go to school and have many qualifications, only to find out that at the end you will not be successful or get a job.

Many young people think that after graduating they will have a job or a car, but in reality a qualification doesn’t mean that you’ll get any job that you want. Yes, with your qualification you can get employed but not everywhere; you can only enter every company, business or Department if you know how to market yourself. If you can’t market yourself, then you can be unemployed no matter how smart you are. Smart people are not the only ones who get successful.

Successful people are not people who have millions of qualifications, but people who are determined and hard working. Depending on your grades or qualifications won’t get you anywhere; but being a go gather will get you very far that even your teachers who never had hope in you will be left surprised. Don’t be intimated by people who do well at school because you will never know what your future holds.

Never let people who do well academically make you feel like you won’t make it in life. In South Africa a qualification doesn’t give you a perfect future, but your skills and hard work are the ones that can get you very far.

For you to go far and be successful, you need to do well at school, be hungry for success and always work very hard that will take you from nothing to something.